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Help bring the Word of God to Algeria and Morocco

Can you partner with us to enable the Bible Societies of Algeria and Morocco to connect many more people with the precious Word of God?

In Algeria, your gift will help supply Megavoice players (audio Bibles) to illiterate women and the visually disabled.

In Morocco, your support will help provide digital Bibles for seekers and believers.

Your gift will help support the mission in these countries where Christians are under duress and where the Bible Societies are the only source of Bibles in the country!

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Algeria and Morocco – The current situation

Morocco and Algeria are neighbouring countries in Northwest Africa. Once part of the region known as the Maghreb, Christianity arrived in both countries during the Roman era. It was practised by the Berbers, an ethnic group found throughout the region.

However, following the Islamic invasion of the region in the 7 century, Christianity all but disappeared from both Morocco and Algeria.

In Algeria, it is among the Berbers who live in the Djurdjura Mountains that Christian revival is now taking place. In the 1980s, it is estimated there were 2,000 Christians living in Algeria. Today, the number is considered to be between 100,000 and 200,000.

Many Algerian seekers begin their Christian journey by watching Christian TV programmes or listening to Christian radio programmes. In a country that is 99% Muslim the Bible Society of Algeria has a vital role to play! It is the only source of Bibles in the country!

At the end of these programmes, it is Bible Society’s phone number that is provided for people to phone to request a Bible. The combination of Christian broadcasting linked with Scriptures provided by Bible Society is having a great impact in Algeria! And it’s your support that enables this to happen.

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Christian revival is not only taking place in Algeria it is also taking place in neighbouring Morocco.

Like Algeria, Morocco is a Muslim-majority country where 99% of the population is Muslim. However, it is estimated there are around 40,000 Christians in Morocco, although some say there are tens of thousands more who keep their faith a secret. Every week, Bible Society receives up to 100 enquiries from people requesting Bibles.

For those of you who have partnered with us previously to support the mission in Morocco, you will know that the mission there is highly confidential and for that reason we are unable to provide you with much information about it. In Morocco, preaching or confessing Jesus can lead to persecution or even being put in prison.

Please know that any gift you make to the mission in these counties will be greatly appreciated and will enable them to continue working under the challenging conditions that prevail there.


The oppression of women is an issue that is very much at the heart of the Bible Society of Algeria’s mission. Unfortunately, the reality of an Algerian woman’s life is that many of them are never sent to school, even though this is against the law.

They remain illiterate throughout their whole lives and are simply raised to be slaves – first to their parents and later to their husband. They clean, wash, cook and sew. They do not have a life to themselves, no friends and they never go out of the house alone. If these women are to receive Scriptures, they must be audio Scriptures and they must be kept hidden.

Therefore, Bible Society has created its project:

The Word of God on Megavoice for illiterate and visually impaired people to provide Megavoice units (audio Bibles) to illiterate women and visually impaired people.

The Megavoice units include the New Testament, the Psalms and Proverbs in Arabic, Berber/Kabyle and French.

Can you support Bible mission in Algeria? Every $40 you gift will provide one Megavoice player for those who need them most in Algeria. 

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Ouardia is fifty-years-old. She is married with four children and lives in a rural area in the mountains of Kabylie. She received a Megavoice player through her church.

“My eldest son became a Christian years ago. At first, I didn’t like it but then I saw a change in his life, and it touched me. I accepted Jesus into my life. I didn’t attend school; my parents didn’t allow it. My husband isn’t yet a Christian. He isn’t really interested. When I can, I attend church.

(In Algeria, this is quite amazing that a non- Christian husband will allow his wife to attend church.)

“I have been using the Megavoice device for about a year. My son got it through church. It is the only way I can hear the Word of God. It’s in my mother tongue, the only language I understand.

“Without this Megavoice player I wouldn’t understand or know anything about God, about Jesus, about the Christian faith.

“I listen to it a lot at home, when I have finished cleaning. A neighbour comes and listens with me sometimes. She is interested. It makes me very happy. I love the Word of God, especially the words of Jesus, which are a great comfort to me. I pray that one day, my husband will also accept Jesus into his life.”

Can you partner with us to help reach more illiterate women in Algeria with Megavoice players?

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‘S’, a 50-year-old woman who lives in Algiers, is another who first heard the Gospel on a Christian TV channel. She has been a Christian for several years. “I received a Gospel portion from Bible Society when I was in Kabylie. As I read the Scriptures, my first shock was to discover a loving God! I had only ever heard about a tough God!” she said.

“In Algeria women are very much oppressed so another important thing to me was to discover the value God gave to women. The happiest day of my life was when I became a Christian!

 “The second happiest day of my life was when I heard that the Bible was being translated into my language, Kabyle. I understood then that God never forgot about the Kabyles (Berbers).

“For centuries, we were despised and rejected because of our Kabyle identity. Many people died for the Kabyle language as it was forbidden to speak, read or write it! Now, I am so proud that the Bible is being translated into Kabyle,” said ‘S’ proudly.

Can you partner with us to help reach more illiterate women in Algeria with Megavoice players?


With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 was a challenging year for Bible mission in Morocco. In the face of this the Bible Society of Morocco focussed on providing Bibles and Bible resources online. During hard times such as these people often begin to seek God and last year many people began requesting Bibles and personal visits online via Bible Society’s website, and this is continuing this year.

There are a range of Bible resources online including the Moroccan New Testament, Internet radio, Gospel films, and the Bible in three Moroccan Amazigh (Berber) languages. Already, around 3,700 Moroccans have downloaded the Moroccan New Testament and about 50,000 Moroccans have accessed Bible reading videos or they have listened to the audio Moroccan Bible.

Bible Society has also been busy supporting the churches. Pastors and leaders are meeting regularly using Zoom meetings and Bible Society is taking part in meetings and other initiatives. It is helping to link seekers and new believers with house churches, as well as providing Bibles and Bible teaching to churches.

Can you support Bible mission in Morocco? Your gift will enable people to access and download the Moroccan Bible online.

Special thank you from the Director of the Bible Society of Morocco

For those of you who have partnered with us previously to support the mission in Morocco, the Director of the Bible Society of Morocco, whom we cannot name for safety reasons, has written you a note of thanks for your support.

“What a great joy to have sisters and brothers in Christ from New Zealand stand with their fellow Christians in Morocco to help them reach out to the millions of Moroccans who have not yet heard the good news of salvation.”

Your gift will help provide Megavoice players (audio Bibles) for illiterate women and the visually disabled in Algeria and digital Bibles for seekers and believers in Morocco.

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