Project update – Domestic violence prevention in Guatemala

Yes! There is a solution to domestic violence in Guatemala.

Thanks to the generosity of Bible Society New Zealand’s Bible a Month Club supporters, we have been able to support a life-changing domestic violence prevention programme in Guatemala, a country with very high rates of domestic violence.

During the first six months of 2019, 602 families and 1,021 children participated in three workshops on the prevention of child abuse. These workshops are built on biblical principles and values. Eleven schools and churches located in vulnerable areas have also opened their doors for the project. The most amazing result from this has been the interest in the Bible shown by children. Many have formed reading clubs and some teachers are including the Bible in their classes as a reading text.

The Bible Society team has witnessed changes in children’s behaviour, with a number of them growing in confidence enough to be able to share stories of abuse that is happening at home.  The workshops help families begin the healing process through creating a safe environment to talk about issues.

One of the key goals of this programme has been to give families strategies to improve communication with each other.

The programme is based on biblical values, and to date this year 1,623 Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions have been freely given out to participants.

Thank you for your support of this programme.


Our colleagues in Guatemala really do appreciate the prayers of New Zealand Christians. Please pray for the Bible Society team there, as well as the partner organisations and teams they are working with. These are the specific prayer items they have shared with us:

– Pray for the families that we have cared for, so that they can guide their household according to the Word of God.

– Pray also that God allows us to continue bringing the Word of God to more families.

– Pray for God to renew the strength of each volunteer who is helping deliver this project.

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