Bringing the hope of Jesus to orphans in India

Bible Society in India (BSI) is bringing the hope of Jesus to homeless and orphaned children in India.

Through this work, many young lives will be impacted with a first-time introduction to Jesus through the Bible. Taking an holistic approach to mission, Bible Society not only provides children with Bibles, but also notebooks, a quality pair of shoes and a school bag.

Rahul and Rebekah (below right) are just two orphans of an estimated 8 million in India (official figures put the number of orphanages at 850,000).

“These orphanages rely heavily on Church and para-Church organisations to clothe, feed and educate the children. Bible Society is helping support this work through its 16 district offices. The children are always very happy to receive our practical gifts and spiritual support through gifts of Bibles, New Testaments and children’s Scriptures,” says Dr Varghese, BSI Marketing Director.

Christian orphanages can be found in every city and in all rural areas of every state of India. They vary in size, from housing 10 children to as many as 1,500 children or more.

*numbers are difficult to estimate accurately as many births go unregistered and many orphans live on the street.


Brother and sister orphans Rahul (pictured left) and Rebekah (right) are housed at the Kathal hostel in India.

Their grandmother Dhandi has been their main carer since their parents died. Rahul’s favourite school subjects are Gujarati and maths, and he wants to be a doctor. Rebekah’s favourite subject is English and she wants to be a nurse.

“We have seen that the Word of God sown as a seed in a child’s heart bears much fruit and is a tool in touching and transforming the lives of young children. We expect the Scriptures distributed to orphanages will have a multiplying effect, as children share it with friends at school.”

Dr Varghese, Bible Society of India

David and Lalhriatpuii

As the new school year began, BSI offered very practical help to orphaned and needy children. Staff distributed notebooks, school bags and shoes at the Khristiya Bal Vikas Centre. David said he was glad to have his new school bag and shoes. His father died when he was one and now his mother looks after him and his three brothers by herself. She thanked BSI for the generous gifts David received.

Lalhriatpuii was very happy with her new school bag. Her mother abandoned her when she was just two years old. She was in an orphanage but now lives with her father and brothers. Her father thanked BSI for the gift his daughter received and praised God for his love.

Anuja and Karishna

Anuja (left) arrived at the Bethel’s children’s home when she was seven years old. Her father died. She has a mother and an older brother and her favourite subjects are English and Gujarati. In the future she wants to be a missionary or a pastor. She heard about Jesus at a meeting and knew she wanted to give her life to him. That’s why she wants to work sharing Jesus with others.

Karishna (right) came to Bethel when she was six years old with leprosy and tuberculosis and no family to look after her. Through God’s grace, medicine was secured for her at the orphanage and two years later she was cleared of both illnesses with no lasting scars. Today she is doing well and wants to be a nurse.

Kathlal Children’s Hostel and School

Originally a mission compound opened in 1908, with a hostel opening in 1957, it houses around 65 boys and girls from disadvantaged homes as well as orphans.

On one visit, the children recited from the Bible even though they have never owned a Bible. Subsequently, BSI staff gave age-appropriate Bibles to all the children. They also received a school bag, two notebooks and a cream bun!

Vishal (pictured right) lives at the home and comes from a single parent family. His grandmother tried to help look after him. His favourite school subject is maths and his favourite Bible story is Jonah. He wants to be a policeman.


This July – New Zealand Bible Month – you can partner with us to help bring the hope of the Bible to orphans and disadvantaged children like Ruth, Rebekah, David, Lalhriatpuii, Anuja and Karishna.

Your gift will go towards helping 50,000 orphans like them receive children’s Bibles, notebooks, shoes and school bags.

Will you prayerfully consider giving the gift of a Bible to a children like these, so bringing the love of God into the life of an orphan?

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