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Bible Society now owns Manna Christian Stores and all sales are now filled by Manna.

Below you will find some popular Bibles and resources that are available through Bible Society’s Manna stores. Click on the buttons to be redirected to Manna’s online store.

Most popular

CEV Kiwi Bible (hardback)

This beautiful Bible published by Bible Society is suitable for general reading and study and also great as a gift for the family or friends here and overseas.

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NLT Bible Premium Value Slimline Large Print Paperback

Delivers top quality at a great price. Features: life topics index, one year reading plan, ribbon marker and maps, and 11pt font.

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NRSV Bible Poverty & Justice Catholic Paperback

Features more than 3,500 highlighted verses showing God’s love for the poor and his call for justice.  Plus a special 24 page study section entitled At the core, derived from the New Zealand Year 12 Religious Education curriculum.

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Study Bibles

ESV Study Bible

The ESV Study Bible was designed to help you understand the Bible in a deeper way. It features a wide array of study tools, making it a valuable resource for serious readers, students, and teachers of God’s Word.

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NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

A little context is all you need to discover the rich meaning behind the stories of Scripture. Every page of this newly published Bible is packed with expert insight into the customs and culture of the Bible.

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Māori Bibles

Te Paipera Tapu

The Holy Bible in Māori featuring the most recent translation of the Bible in Māori (1952).  This edition includes macrons, paragraphing, punctuation and section headings.

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Te Kawenata Hou – The New Testament

This very popular two-language New Testament features the most recent Māori text (1952) alongside the Good News Version in English.

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Tāku Paipera

Tāku Paipera is a brand new Māori translation of the famous Lion Children’s Bible.  The only Māori children’s Bible available, this 256 page hardback book features beautiful full-colour illustrations.

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Children’s Bibles and Bible Storybooks

The Big Little Bible

The popular Big Little Bible app is now a hard cover book! It’s got the same 30 Bible stories and the same great unique one-line illustrations. The book also includes discussion questions for adults and kids.

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CEV Fern Bible

Made for NZ primary students, this Bible has 32 pages of colour illustrations, the national anthem and the Lord’s prayer in English and Maori.

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The Jesus Storybook Bible – hardback

Beautifully written and illustrated, this book will invite your children to discover Jesus!

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The Beginner’s Bible
With vibrant art and compelling text, more than 90 Bible stories come to life. Children ages 6 and under will enjoy the fun illustrations.

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Bibles for Youth

The Action Bible

Here’s the most complete picture Bible ever with 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order! Featuring a captivating, up-to-date artwork style – making it the perfect Bible for today’s visually focused culture.

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The Youth Bible (CEV)
This is a very popular and easy to read compact edition of the Contemporary English Version.

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How to find the right Bible for you

Manna Christian Stores have created a practical guide to help you choose the right English Bible for you. You can download it using the button below. (PDF – 9mb)

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