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Kia Ora Supporter!

We’re guessing you’re here because a baker you know shared some delicious looking Police-themed cookie pics and invited you to sponsor their fundraising efforts?

If that’s the case, then here’s what you need to know about this Bible Society fundraiser they’ve been baking for.

It’s called Bake for Bibles!

That’s because all the proceeds from their baking efforts are going towards a special-edition Bible being offered to members of the NZ Police (see more below).

Normally you would have been able to support their efforts by buying the cookies they baked.

However this year, due to our current physical distancing restrictions, they’re inviting their “extended bubble” like you to sponsor their efforts by making an online contribution.

You can do this immediately by using the Baker’s fundraising form here.

What your contribution will go towards:

Special-edition Bible for the New Zealand Police.

Their officers have been hard at work on the Beat during the recent pandemic keeping our communities safe and we reckon what better way to say “thanks” than by helping fund their own Bible?

Bible Society New Zealand has been working with the Police Christian Support Network (PCSN) for over a year to create this Bible especially for the New Zealand Police.

It is currently in print and all going to plan, it should be available by July.

It will be a proud moment when we are able to gift the PCSN with 7,500 copies. But in order to do so we need your support.

Every $9 raised will provide the opportunity for a member of the New Zealand Police to receive their own special-edition Bible.

Watch the video below to learn more about this project.

It’s easy to support your Baker by using the secure fundraising form below.

Step 1. Select the amount you’d like to sponsor (min $5).

Step 2. Enter the full name of the Baker you are supporting.

Step 3. Enter your details and payment details.

Baker’s fundraising form

Any contribution of $5 or more is eligible for a tax credit.

About Bible Society New Zealand

Bible Society New Zealand is a Christian charity whose mission is to help make the Bible accessible to everyone and encourage interaction with it. 

We’re part of an international fellowship of Bible Societies called the United Bible Societies (UBS).

For the past three years, bakers like you, whether in family groups or church groups, have baked and sold cookies to raise over $24,000 for the mission in China!

If you’d like to join this fundraiser by baking your own cookies, then click here.