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We look forward to taking you on a guided journey over the next 12 months, from the creation to revelation through 28 Old Testament and 24 New Testament passages – the 52.

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We pray that throughout this journey, you will develop a greater understanding of the BIG STORY, glean new insights about God’s love for humanity, and draw closer to its amazing author!

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SO... what can you expect?

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How to use 52


Each week consists of a 7 readings; a reading a day, activities, questions and a prayer. There is also a memory verse per week.

Grab your Bible and read the daily passage, learn the weekly memory verse, and dig into the deeper optional passages to further discover how the Bible’s BIG STORY weaves together. 
Have a go at each week’s easy challenges designed to help people of all ages put into practice what they’ve just read and make the connection that Bible Engagement involves application, not just study. 
Study and note down on the journal page how God is speaking to you through the passage by using the same 3 study questions: What does this passage say about God? What does the passage say about you? Which verse stands out to you most and why?  
We know that God loves it when we talk to him, so we hope these prayers will act as a springboard to propel you deeper into this wonderful aspect of our faith. 


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