The Super Cool Story of Jesus

Coming soon – The Super Cool Story of Jesus

On a great big hill, Jesus told a story
About two builders. (Let’s call them Billy and Bernie.)

‘Billy being silly, built his house on the sand
But Bernie, the brains, built on rock and on the land!
After the storm, Billy was grumpy
Cos his house was in pieces all broken and lumpy.’

‘When you listen and do what I say
You’re like Bernie the builder
Who built the right way!’


The Super Cool Story of Jesus is a delightful little book all about Jesus. Bible Society wants to share this story with 100,000 Kiwi kids before Easter 2018. We’ll have more information about how you can be involved in February 2018.

The Super Cool Story of Jesus book will be available FREE . Stay tuned for more information coming soon…

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