Swimming pool converted to prayer hall in Bahrain

Bible Society supporting swimming pool church with Scriptures

The new prayer room made from a converted swimming pool. Pastor Joseph Paradeshi removes his shoes and kneels before the ‘alter’ as he enters the room.

Prakash is a mason in a construction company. There are many construction workers and house maids in the area of Tubil in Bahrain. It is difficult for these people to get to church because of the long distance and they don’t have transport.

Last year Prakash and his friends started a prayer group with five people. Now it has grown to become a congregation of 250 people.

The company manager, who is not of the Christian faith, feels his company is blessed because of the Christians working for him. So he converted the swimming pool into a prayer hall at his own expense and offered it to his workers for free for their worships services.

The Bible Society in the Gulf (BSG) supplies Bibles and Scripture materials to this group and many others throughout the region.

Bible Society New Zealand is supporting BSG’s work in Bahrain this year, thanks to the generosity of our Bible-a-month Club mission partners.

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