Large-print Bible renews love of the Bible for Chinese Christian!

Madam Zhang Xiuyin became a Christian in 1997 through reading the Bible.  However, since then her eyesight has deteriorated to the point where she can hardly read a standard-sized Bible.  That is why she was so happy to receive a large-print Bible distributed through her church recently, with the support of the United Bible Societies (UBS) and generous supporters like you. 

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Virus outbreak brings Christians nearer to God In China

In the face of adversity, such as the Covid-19 virus outbreak in China which is now a global health emergency, Chinese Christians find themselves drawing closer to God.

During this time of home quarantine for the health and safety of all citizens, the authorities forbid all collective gatherings, imposed extended holidays for schools and companies and travel restrictions. Some cities have stepped up precautionary measures by allowing only one or two household members to leave the house to buy daily essentials every other day or once in five days.

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