United Bible Societies Day of Prayer

Pray for Israel this Tuesday

World Day of Prayer Tuesday 9 May

The act of prayer is significant in uniting Christians worldwide.

This Tuesday (9 May), Bible Societies and their partners around the world will gather to pray as one. You can be part of this event right here in New Zealand.

Taking part in this act of united prayer is one of the most important ways you can support our work here in New Zealand and around the world. Your prayer will be a blessing to our mission.

Prayer for Israel

This year we would like you and others to pray specifically for Bible Society in Israel as they work with thousands of refugees and foreign workers. Many are living in extremely difficult circumstances and have experienced great trauma.

The Bible Society in Israel and their partners will offer holistic outreach programmes to this group, including those in prison, by providing them with Bibles in their own language and essential supplies, prayers, emotional support and guidance.

The Bible Society in Israel aims to reach 6,000 people from Sudan, Eritrea and other African countries and foreign workers from the Philippines, Thailand, China, Ghana, Nepal, Turkey and other parts of the world.

Please pray for;

  • guidance and protection for all Bible Society staff and their project partners
  • opportunities and boldness to share the Gospel
  • provision of human and financial resources
  • support and encouragement from local partners
  • willingness of refugees and migrant workers to receive God’s Word
  • success of all Bible projects including translation, publication, and distribution of Bibles

Please contact Cory on 0800 424 253 ext. 833 or email me at cgawe@biblesociety.org.nz