Cambodia – Saliep’s Story

“I live in Uddor Meanchey, one of the poorest areas of Cambodia.  I don’t have a father.  He died in a traffic accident.  My family lives a hand to mouth existence as subsistence farmers. I’ve never even owned a book, but now I own a Bible!  It’s my most treasured possession!”

“One day, a local pastor called Pastor Vannak visited my family.  He invited me and my sister to a free Saturday Bible programme.

“Walking into the compound with my sister, I was nervous because I thought that others would laugh at me because of my appearance.  Instead, a kind, smiling lady came and welcomed us.  This was Sayon, Pastor Vannak’s wife.  They ran a church and free mission school for students aged 5 – 18 years.

“I didn’t know what to expect.  We sang with other children.  We learnt about God, and Jonah and the whale.  That was one of the best days of my life!  Jonah and the whale is still my favourite Bible story.

“I went home happy and desperate to tell my mother, but she was afraid.  My Bible teacher came to meet my mum.  She explained what we do and over time things improved.

“Everyone at the mission school receives a new set of clothes, notebooks and pens, along with free lunches.  There are now around 80 students, along with a growing church of 50 people.  However, Bibles and Scripture portions are expensive and the mission only has a few.

“One day there was a visit from people with Bible Society.  They brought boxes out of the car. We were intrigued!  We had no idea what was in the boxes.

“They gave us free Bibles!  My sister and I had never even owned a book! Now my Bible is my most treasured possession.  I know that I will treasure it forever!  My life has changed!”

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