Cambodia – Sinat’s story

“My family lived in poverty.  I knew that there was one ‘option’ that would help us.  I skipped school and began trafficking drugs.  I was arrested and sentenced to two years in Pusat prison, one of Cambodia’s worst prisons.  I was 18 years old.”

Life in Pusat prison was very tough.  As in many prisons, its inmates suffered from overcrowding, poor conditions and a lack of food.  Early on, Sinat began experiencing fainting spells both through hunger and through fear of the prison guards.

The only bright spot in Sinat’s week was the weekly visits from members of the Bible Society in Cambodia’s team. They gave Sinat a Bible. She began to read it. Gradually, she began to understand that through Jesus Christ her sins had been forgiven. She committed her life to Him.

One day, Sinat was unexpectedly taken to court and handed a release paper. She had been set free! Since that time she has committed her life to sharing God’s Word with prisoners. And she is hard at work helping her local church plant churches in its area.

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