Guatemala – Enilda’s story

“I live in a village with my parents and brothers and sisters.  Recently my father became ill. He almost died because we were unable to afford to take him to a good hospital, but then God healed him.”

“I’m happy in our home because I have animals to play with, but we don’t have much money.*

I attend the Grow and Learn programme at my church.  The classes are fun and I learn a lot about God.  I love my Bible.  I read it at home and when I come to church.  It’s an instrument God uses to speak to me and to tell me how I please him with my life.

“The bit I like is about the wise and the foolish.  If God isn’t in my heart, I would be like an empty bottle without any oil to shine on this world and to help others.”

* Fifty percent of Guatemalans live on $2 per day.

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