Guatemala – Jose’s story

“The day that I received my Bible was the best day of my life,” says eight-year-old Jose.  And now his mum uses the Bible to teach him to read and write.

Jose’s single mum Xiomara was keen for Jose to know God but she was struggling with his difficult behaviour in church and so they stopped going.  But then the pastor invited them back because Bible Society was going to be distributing Grow and Learn booklets.

These booklets are part of a special programme developed by the Guatemalan Bible Society aimed at children living in poverty.  Through it Bible Society equips Sunday school teachers with resources including booklets and children’s Bibles.

“Since that Sunday my son never misses Sunday school.  I’ve noticed how his character has changed.  He no longer fights with friends and he isn’t rude or aggressive.  It brings me such joy to see this change and it has impacted me so much I am now a Sunday school teacher,” said Xiomara.

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