Laos – Khammarn’s story

“I used to steal to support my drug addiction and I beat my wife and child.  I knew that my life was out of control.  I felt unwanted and despicable.  I was disgusted with myself but I didn’t know how to change.”

Like many long-term drug addicts, Khammarn felt trapped and unable to change his current circumstances.  He used to describe himself as a “dead dog”, meaning that he was broken or downtrodden.

A turning point came in his life after a chance encounter with an old friend, Bounthai. Khammarn was surprised to discover Bounthai, who used to be a medium, had become a Christian.

After not seeing each other for many years, the two old friends had much to catch up on.

As Bounthai began to share his faith, Khammarn began to understand about sin and he prayed a prayer asking Jesus into his life.

Nine months on, and Khammarn has given up his old way of life.  He is no longer under the influence of drink or drugs and he has been going to church regularly.

His neighbours are struggling to come to terms with his change of personality from a drunk, violent husband to a loving husband and a hardworking farmer.  And around 40 people – including the head of his village – have become Christians themselves thanks to his testimony.

His wife, who suffered greatly from years of abuse by him, is delighted with the change in him, at the same time hoping that it is permanent.

As a former drug addict, Khammarn recognizes that there are many challenges to be circumnavigated in daily life.  However, he is excited, indeed desperate to learn more about God through his newly acquired Lao New Testament.

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