Laos – Thaungxay’s story

“One day, during military training, my boat capsized.  My weapons were gone, something which is severely punished in the army.  I panicked, but my wife and mother-in-law began praying.  Three days later we found all of my possessions dried out on the riverbank!  From then on, the Bible became my new weapon!”

After God answered Thaungxay’s prayers about his lost military equipment he experienced a revival in faith.  But for Thaungxay, who compares his life to that of Job’s in the Bible, this was only the beginning.

Almost straight away he began drifting away again.  He spent more and more time gambling and smoking with colleagues and less time with God.  His life began falling apart.

He and his family lost their home and their land.  Desperately they tried to settle in village after village, but they were chased away because they were Christians.

Finally, exhausted and in despair they set up camp in yet another village, fully expecting to have to leave after a few days.  Instead they were visited by a pastor, who reminded Thaungxay of his faith and gave him the strength to persevere.  But after visiting Thaungxay the pastor was murdered on his way home!

Shocked and afraid, Thaungxay and his family prayed for three days.  On the third day, the village chief visited them, offering them a plot of land, and the community gave them bamboo for building.

But no sooner did they have their new house built then it burnt down along with all their possessions.  To the amazement of his neighbours, Thaungxay’s faith stayed strong.  The family was given clothing and other necessities.

Thaungxay faces many challenges.  As a Christian, he is unlikely to ever be promoted.

But despite that he’s content and he seizes every opportunity to share his faith with others and to study the Bible.

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