Philippines – Analiza’s story

“I was introduced to number games by my mother at the age of three.  Even at such a young age I became addicted, especially to a game called jai alai.  As an adult, my gambling addiction continued.”

Analiza didn’t realize there was anything wrong with gambling until a friend, another gambling addict, told her that she felt a spirit guiding her as to which numbers to bet on.

Fortunately for Analiza she met a staff member from the Philippine Bible Society who gave her a Bible.  This was through its May They Be One distribution campaign which aims to transform the nation by placing a Bible into every home in the Philippines.

Now Analiza’s life has taken a 180-degree turn.  “As I continued my daily reading, I felt God telling me that I should quit gambling.  So I did.  I’m so grateful that someone gave me a Bible through which God spoke to me.”

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