Rwanda – Ngwena’s story

“My husband was killed in the Rwandan genocide.  I felt my life spinning out of control.  I felt devastated, alone and hopeless.  I turned to prostitution to support myself and my children.”

After losing her husband in the 1994 genocide, Ngwena was unable to cope with life.  In the dark days that followed, she turned to prostitution both to earn money and to mask the emotional pain she was feeling.

But everything changed when she was given a Bible by the Bible Society of Rwanda and invited to attend a Bible reading group.

One day a worker from the Bible Society of Rwanda noticed that Ngwena was holding her new Bible tightly to her.  When asked why, Ngwena replied, “This is my new husband.”

She began to experience healing from the tragic loss that had changed the course of her life more than 20 years ago.  Ngwena had discovered a new relationship with the Lord that filled her future with hope.

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