China – Xinnian’s Story

“I’ve been a Christian for 20 years.  I was baptized last year.  My husband didn’t like me going to church so he tore up and destroyed my Bible.  That was 14 years ago and I’ve been waiting for this day ever since!  I’m so happy to get another one.”

After Xinnian’s husband destroyed her Bible, he fell off a roof and was badly injured.  But Xinnian prayed for him every day with his knowledge and he slowly recovered.  After that he no longer objected to her going to church, but there are still other challenges for Xinnian.

Xinnian’s church is located in a remote, beautiful valley in Hunan Province.  Like many members of the congregation Xinnian walks for two hours to get to church.  Near the church there is a stream with stepping stones which she must cross.  On rainy days the stream floods and Xinnian must wade over.

During the recent Bible distribution by the United Bible Societies, church members carried boxes of Bibles across the stream on their shoulders.  For Xinnian it was a dream come true to receive a new Bible, something she had been waiting for, for a long time.

Like Xinnian, there are many Christians in China who are waiting to receive a Bible.  The Church in China is growing at an exponential rate with around 10,000 people becoming Christians every week!

And like Xinnian, many of these new Christians live in rural areas and are desperately poor.

That’s why your help is so important.  When you join Bible a Month Club your monthly gift of $12 means that a Christian like Xinnian will receive a Bible!

Watch the video to see more stories of Bible distribution in China.

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