Scriptures for the unreached deaf of Nepal

We’re partnering with the Nepal Bible Society (NBS) to help deaf people come to know Jesus.

NBS is developing Scripture portions in Nepali sign language to be recorded on DVD and USBs. According to Nepal’s National Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing there are more than 300,000 deaf people in Nepal.

“We are hoping to change their lives. Our ultimate goal is to get the Gospel to the deaf community and to bring the word of salvation to them so they might see and encounter God,” said Tej Jirel, CEO of NBS.

Bhabisara Ghartimagar, who is deaf and now helping NBS develop Scripture resources for the deaf, says life for a deaf person in Nepal is isolating. They often have to stay at home without any of the opportunities hearing people have.

“I love to read the Bible but I can’t understand the meaning. I just pray in my heart. The Bible is very good for me and transferring God’s message among this deaf community is very positive. So, I want to partner with NBS on this project,” she said.

“If you give deaf people proper opportunities they can fight for their rights. One day we hope there will be a deaf church in Nepal. This is a wider goal,” said the NBS Officer responsible for the programme, Raj Man Ghale.

A Nepali church congregation listens to a message. Bible Society wants deaf people to have access to the Word in their heart language: sign language.

“NBS’s vision and mission is that every community should have some Scripture portions, New Testaments or full Bibles. And based on this vision, we noticed the deaf community didn’t have any Scripture portions or biblical leaflets. We decided we had to do something for the deaf community,” said Raj.

“Among the deaf community, very few can read or write or do sign language. Especially those living in the hills isolated from their family and community – they have not had the opportunity to learn sign language,” he said.

“We want to encourage deaf people to spend more time in Scripture. We want to provide God’s Word in sign language to needy and interested deaf people.”

NBS wants to reach out to this neglected community with the hope of the Bible. Will you help us reach these people with the gift of the Bible?

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