Thousands in the middle-east receive the Bible this Christmas

Thousands of migrant workers from labour camps in Qatar attending the Festival of Peace received free Scripture in their concert Christmas gift bag!

As churches wrapped up Christmas gifts for festival attendees Bible Society included a copy of the scriptures in each gift bag.

FestivalOfPeaceWordPressPostSmlBible Society in the Gulf States (BSG) distributed 2,000 Hindi, 2,000 Nepali, 1,000 Telugu, 500 Sinhala, 1,000 Tamil and 1,000 Malayalam New Testaments to many of the 10,000 festival goers on both days.

The Festival of Peace, held in Doha, was organised by American singer, songwriter, music producer and Pastor Don Moen.

“It really was a unique opportunity for Bible Society to reach thousands with the Word of God over two days. Praise be to God,” said Hrayr Jebejian BSG General Secretary.

Here are some of the personal experiences of Christian migrant workers BSG staff met at the festival, who wanted to share about the impact the Good News of the Gospel is having on their lives…

Shekinah, “I become a more positive person when I read the Bible. We are in an unknown country here in Qatar without our families and loved ones. The only thing we have is the Bible which helps us to be strong people.”

Amil, “I read the Bible every day. It keeps me inspired and strong to keep going on in my life in Qatar. The Bible provides an answer to everything that can happen in one’s life. It is a living testament that God is alive. Whenever I face a difficulty or a challenge in life, I always trust that he will never leave me, and we will face everything together. In this respect, wherever I go, I know that God is with me. He will be by my side.”

Melissa, “No matter what you are going to face next week, you are not going to face it alone. God is with you. He is in you, and he is for you. This is what the Bible helps us to understand.”

Anita, “I read the Bible because it helps me to understand the meaning of my life. The Bible’s message will give me the hope to face the ups and downs in life. Bible stories are beyond time because they talk about issues like worry, fear, love, hope. It can help you to see life better and understand God’s mercy and love for you. We are living away from home, and we are foreigners in this land. The church and the Bible are important for us as migrants because they help us to stay focused on our faith.”

 The Bible Society in the Gulf, a member of the United Bible Societies, is committed to making the Bible available to Christian communities in the Arabian Gulf countries it serves. The Christian communities in the Gulf come from a wide variety of countries, of different ethnic and culture groups, speaking many different languages. As well as publishing, distributing the Bible in 60 languages, and organizing Bible Engagement seminars, the BSG partners with the Churches and helps people to read and understand the Bible.

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Inspired by the Great Commission, The United Bible Societies has the ambitious vision to complete 1,200 Bible Translations by 2038 which will make the Word of God accessible to 600 million People.