Tonga replaces Bibles lost in cyclone

Tonga Children

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were recently able to give away 750 Tongan New Testaments to replace those lost in Cyclone Gita earlier this year.

Tonga Children Reading Bible

Tongan children reading their new Bible

The Taulua Bibles (Tongan and English diglot) were distributed to communites affected by the cyclone by Bible Society of the South Pacific, who initiated the project. Some of the Bibles were given to The Holy Immaculate Conception of Mary Primary School in Ma’ufanga, Tonga, where students are allowed to study the Bible as part of the curriculum.

This school gives students time to read the Bible and re-tell the Bible stories to the class. It is part of the parish of the Bishop of Tonga, Cardinal Soane Patita Paini Mafi. We would like to thank our supporters for their generosity, which has helped bring the hope of the Bible to many in Tonga who are recovering from this traumatic event.