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Around the world Bible translators, like those you’ll meet below, are facing difficult and complex challenges on a daily basis. The Covid-19 pandemic, weather events and poor infrastructure are just some of the issues they have to contend with. Yet, they continue because they are driven by a longing to see people in their communities transformed by having the life-changing Word of God available in their heart languages.

This appeal continues the essential work of translation, publication, and distribution of the Word of God to help make the Bible accessible to everyone and encourage interaction with it.

Your gift will help to support translation projects in Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Vietnam, the South Pacific and New Zealand, which we have visually mapped out in the image below. A portion of your gift will also be attributed to the Bible Translation Roadmap Fund (which you can learn more about below). 

Your gift will help to provide training for translators, print sample publications, supply equipment, improve infrastructure, support consultant checking, fund proof-reading and the printing of new editions.

The Bible projects your gift with go towards in Asia-Pacific

Will you prayerfully consider making a gift to help support bringing the translated Word to more people in Asia-Pacific and around the world? 

The Bible Translation Roadmap

Around the world, there are still over one billion people who don’t have the Bible available in their language. To address this, in 2017, the United Bible Societies (of which we are a member), developed a 20-year plan called The Bible Translation Roadmap.

The Bible Translation Roadmap aims to complete 1,200 translations, which will reach 600 million people with the Word of God by 2038. This goal includes completing 880 first translations, that is translating Scripture into languages where there is currently little or no Scripture available.

It also includes completing 320 new and revised translations. Languages evolve over time and if the only translation available is decades old it is often difficult, if not impossible, for a younger generation of readers to understand it. You can learn more about this ambitous goal in The Bible Translation Roadmap guide here.

A portion of your gift will be attributed to support Bible Translation Roadmap

The Story of the Kyrgyzstan Bible Translation

In the video below you’ll discover the fascinating journey that took Roman from a non-believer to the General Secretary of the Kyrgyzstan Bible Society. His journey of faith, which started with a fatal car accident 20 years ago, now sees him working passionately to bring the Word of God to his people in the heart language for the first time.

Meet our Bible Translation Heroes

To help progress The Bible Translation Roadmap, across the world Bible translators are working under difficult conditions to translate the Bible and bring the Word of God to people in their heart languages. But they are facing many challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic, weather events, food shortages, diseases, poor infrastructure and even terrorism.

However, in spite of these trials these men and women of faith – our Bible Translation Heroes – are continuing to translate the Scriptures, which, once available, will have the potential to really impact people’s lives and their communities. Meet a few of our Bible Translation Heroes from Burkina Faso, Guatemala and the Philippines below.

Burkina Faso

Bible Society is currently supporting the Birifor First Bible translation project in Burkina Faso. The Birifor language is spoken by around 300,000 people in the southwest of Burkina Faso and another 125,000 in Ghana.

Three members of the Birifor Firs t Bible translation team at work.

Three members of the Birifor First Bible translation team at work.

The project aims to translate the Old Testament and to revise the New Testament, which was first welcomed with great enthusiasm in 1993. However, the translation team has encountered significant challenges, including poor infrastructure and equipment, transport and health issues, and personal bereavements.

Currently, the team is battling with the impact of Covid-19, floods, malaria, terrorism, and a major rise in food prices. Unfortunately, the pressure has taken its toll on the team leader, Pascal, who has developed a stomach ulcer.

On the bright side, solar panels have recently been installed in the building, so they are no longer hindered by constant power cuts, and they also recently received four new chairs.


Dario Ba Xuc, Bible translator, sits on a rock on a mountain in Guatemala.

Dario Ba Xuc, Bible
translator from Guatemala.

In Guatemala, the Covid-19 pandemic meant that the members of the Revised Q’eqchi’ Bible translation team could not have face-to-face meetings with their Global Translation Adviser. They had to go online to speak with him but then came internet outages which meant they had to climb a mountain before they could get a connection! Q’eqchi’ is a language spoken by around 1.1 million speakers in Guatemala and Belize.

“This has been hard due to the weather and the poor signal. We had to climb the mountains and sit on a rock or whatever we could find. But all this effort is worth it because we will soon deliver the Word of God in our language,” said Dario Ba Xuc, 29, the team facilitator.

By the way, the ‘weather’ that Dario is referring to are two hurricanes that hit the Alta Verapaz department in central Guatemala in 2020 where the translators are based. Both hurricanes caused serious damage with Eta, the latter, causing deadly mudslides, killing 150 people, and leaving many homeless. But in spite of that, in the last quarter of 2020, the Bible Society of Guatemala published the book of Galatians with study notes, and thousands of copies were distributed through Q’eqchi’ churches in the region.


Xandra seated at her computer points to some of the translation on screen.

Xandra, Bible translator from the Philippines

In the Philippines, weather events also had an impact on the Viracnon Bicol dialect New Testament translation project in 2020. This project is part of the Last Language Initiative for the Philippines (Last LIPS), which seeks to bring Scripture to 45 language groups who are currently without any.

On 1st November 2020, Typhoon Goni hit the island of Catanduanes in the eastern Philippines, where one of the three translators, Xandra, lives. It was the world’s strongest typhoon that year, with sustained winds of 225 kms per hour. More than 50,000 houses were left without electricity up until Christmas. It was followed by Typhoons Goni and Molave both of which brought torrential rain to the region, leaving 20 people dead and 165 injured. In the wake of all of this, the island was declared to be under ‘a state of calamity’.

In the midst of the storm Xandra was praying. “As the typhoon was ravaging our province, I kept on praying,” recalls Xandra. “Flood water started to enter our home and in less than five minutes it was knee-deep. As the water rose, the wind became stronger. Our kitchen was destroyed. I was so afraid,” says Xandra. But even after this traumatic event Xandra has kept on translating. “When I’m working on my drafts, it seems like I can hear God speaking to me saying, ‘Trust in me. We will get over this together. I will not let go of you,’” says Xandra.

Help Bible translators like Pascal, Dario and Xandra continue translating the Word of God into more languages.

Your gift will help to support translation projects in Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Vietnam, the South Pacific and New Zealand. A portion of your gift will also be attributed to the Bible Translation Roadmap Fund.

Your gift will help to provide training for translators, print sample publications, supply equipment, improve infrastructure, support consultant checking, fund proof-reading and the printing of new editions.

Just use your preferred giving option below to help to help bring the Bible to people in their heart language!

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