Bible-based Trauma healing

In Rwanda, Lebanon, and the South Pacific


Globally, more than one person in seven in the world today has been impacted by emotional trauma, including from war, displacement, natural disasters, and the pandemic.

To help bring the hope of the Bible to traumatised people, we are supporting Bible-based trauma healing programmes in Rwanda, Lebanon, and the South Pacific. The trauma healing programme combines the best of mental health practice with Bible engagement and application. In helping people to lay their pain at the foot of the cross and to forgive those who have hurt them, the programme enables participants to experience the transformative power of Jesus Christ in their lives.


By making a gift today, you will help:

  • Provide trauma healing booklets in Rwanda, Lebanon, and the South Pacific.
  • Train trauma healing facilitators in Rwanda, Lebanon, and the South Pacific.
  • Run trauma healing programmes in Rwanda, Lebanon, and the South Pacific.
  • Air 13 trauma healing programmes across four radio stations in Rwanda.

“We are called by God to enter into the suffering of others. It’s what God did for us. He’s called the Church to do the same thing,” says Dr Diane Langberg, a psychologist specialising in trauma, who helped to create the American Bible Society’s trauma healing programme. The programme was originally developed to help child soldiers, but it now runs in 70 countries around the world and has been translated into 174 languages.

It combines proven mental health practices with Bible engagement. It brings people together in trauma healing groups under the guidance of trained facilitators, enabling them to embark upon a personal journey of healing, which includes four stages:

Tell your story of pain and grief and bring your laments to God.

Experience the love of God by taking your pain to the cross.

Experience healing, restoration, and reconciliation with God, self and neighbour.

Help the church become a place of healing for others.

Forgiveness brings healing in Rwanda

Forgiveness brings healing in Rwanda

One person who has found healing through the programme is Mary, whose name has been changed. During the genocide Mary, a widow, was present when her six children and her pregnant sister were killed. She saw the killers cut open her sister’s womb and she saw the baby, still alive. 

After the genocide, the killers were put in prison. But then an amnesty was given and the man who had cut her sister’s womb open was released. In prison he had become a Christian. He came to see Mary to say that ‘he regretted so much what he had done’ and to ask her forgiveness. But even though she was a Christian, she couldn’t bring herself to forgive him.

Five years later, Mary attended a trauma healing course. “I learned that forgiving is for our benefit. Forgiving doesn’t mean the fault was not deep, and I learned that Christians must forgive. I ended the training with a wish to be able to forgive this man,” Mary says. In time, Mary met the man again. She asked him many questions, such as: Why did he do what he did? What did he expect to come from his terrible act? Eventually, she found she was able to forgive him.

“I have forgiven him from the depths of my heart. Nowadays he is a fellow Christian. I do not have any more conflicts or misunderstandings with him. We have told our journey to the Church and through that we have helped others,” says Mary.



Yes, I would like to help provide trauma healing programmes for people in Rwanda, Lebanon, and the South Pacific.

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