Uganda – a Bible in every home, hand and heart

Uganda is a country full of God’s people, 84% of the population is Christian. But they are without the Bible.

Pictured above, this was a Bible that was being used by a church at Nakivaale Refugee Camp in Western Uganda.

“The Bible is a book people crave for,” said Bible Society Uganda CEO, Peter Mukhama (pictured right), who is determined to address this challenge with an ambitious project to get the Bible into every hand in Uganda. This includes distributing the Bible to homes, hotels and hospitals throughout the country but most importantly he wants the Bible to be in everyone’s heart.

We asked him why there was such a need for Bibles in Uganda? “A big proportion of Uganda, close to 50%, are church goers but a number of them cannot afford a Bible at the current price,” he said.

In fact, church leaders are continuously requesting low-cost Bibles, as much of the population are poor and struggling to provide for their own needs. The church leadership say they are challenged to maintain congregations where many young people don’t have a Bible.

They believe that once the price is as low as possible, let’s say$2, more people will be able to access the Bible.

In Uganda, the population is predominantly young with 96% under 55 years old. Of this total 49% are under 14 years old and 21% are aged between 15-24 years.

And while in the developed world many young people have the option of accessing a digital copy of the Bible, in Uganda the power supply is too unreliable to use the internet. “The printed Bible remains very convenient for the youth majority, who are mostly in the poor rural areas,” commented Peter.

A refugee at Nakivaale Refugee Camp in Western Uganda holds up her brand new Bible given to her by the Bible Society of Uganda.

A survey done through Bible Society Uganda project The Guiding Star: Hope for Youth and Women, noted the need, longing and desire of the young people to own a Bible which they can’t afford.

Bible Society New Zealand has pledged to help Peter get Bibles to those that need them in Uganda.  Can you help someone in Uganda get a Bible for the first time?

Peter is passionate about the work of Bible mission as he has seen its transforming power. He has a special message for New Zealand supporters.

On behalf of the Bible Society of Uganda thank you for partnering with us and helping support this initiative. This is a project we are passionate about and trust with the growing church numbers the availability of a Bible will help Ugandans engage better with the Christian faith.  We are working closely with Churches to ensure Bible studies are conducted so people are rooted in their faith in God.  We hope to see a Uganda that is free from the high levels of corruption.  Isaiah 55 is a great encouragement for us to know that when we send out God’s Word, it does not return empty but accomplishes that which He has sent out to do.  To you our dear friends in New Zealand, know that your labour in the Lord is never in vain (1 Corinthians).  May the good Lord bless and reward you as you serve Him.”

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