Ukraine Bible Society celebrates thirty years

Recently, the Ukrainian Bible Society celebrated thirty years of Bible mission in that country.

This important anniversary was marked with two celebrations. First and foremost, was an event attended by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mr Denys Shmyhal, along with government ministers and church and religious leaders.

Mr Shmyhal congratulated Bible Society on thirty years of serving the nation. “Your work has enabled a lot of Ukrainians to know the Word of God. Thank you for serving in the spiritual field for the benefit of our country,” he said.

Bible Society presented Mr Shmyhal with a Bible in contemporary Ukrainian. He expressed gratitude and delight about the translation saying that young people will be able to read the Bible in a language they better understand. The ministers who participated in the meeting also noted the important role the Ukrainian Bible Society has played in the interfaith dialogue and the affirmation of spiritual values.

Bible Society and Church leaders at an anniversary event.

A second event was attended by heads of church denominations and Bible Society leaders.

The guests listened to The Lord’s Prayer and “Bless the Lord O my Soul” being performed by the Kyiv Symphony Chorus and Music Mission Kiev. They learnt about Bible Society’s achievements over the past 30 years, including the distribution of thirteen million Bibles.

Bible Society has also completed five different Ukrainian translations. It has printed and distributed Bibles in the languages of Russian, Crimean Tartar, and Roma. It also created a special project, namely a handwritten Bible, which thirty thousand people from all over Ukraine, including invaded Donbas and the Crimean Peninsula, have contributed to.

But, unfortunately, there are dark clouds hanging over the nation. The Covid-19 pandemic is taking its toll and there are high mortality rates. The situation surrounding the Russo-Ukraine War in eastern Ukraine, which began in 2014, is escalating as Russia is currently amassing troops near the border.

Bible Society has been working to distribute Bibles to soldiers on the front line. For example, the staff recently provided Oleksandr1, a commander whom they met two years previously, with children’s Bibles so he can read the stories over the phone to his sons back home.

Watch the video below to see this Bible distribution to soldiers on the front line.

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