You can bring the Easter story to Kiwi kids!

Just over 18 months ago, we embarked on a campaign designed to encourage and equip parents, grandparents and caregivers to pass on their passion for the Bible to the next generation.

Little did we know how big that campaign would become.

Yes, you read it right – with the help of our supporters, we’ve distributed 200,000 Bible storybooks to Kiwi kids through families, churches and other organisations. Our supporters have helped make this initiative a success, bringing the love of Jesus to many young New Zealanders through the Bible.

Thanks to the generosity of many people, children nationwide are now reading and engaging with the story of Jesus.

Some of them will have learned about Jesus for the very first time. Some of them will have learned what Easter and Christmas are really all about.

But it’s not only kids that are being impacted. Adults, too, are encountering these stories for the first time. One church in Auckland was asked to lead a children’s storytime session at their local library. They told the story of Easter, and gave out The Super Cool Story of Jesus book to families. One parent said she had never heard this story before.

This is what the church told us…

“We really felt we were giving the children something of worth and something that will remind them in the many Easters to come that it is about Jesus and the love he gave us.”

Making the Bible accessible and encouraging interaction with it is our mission, and it’s exactly what’s happening through these little Bible storybooks. Thanks to our supporters, thousands of children are receiving these books at street parades, community events, in Salvation Army Family Stores and food parcels, and through organisations like Angel Tree and Mainly Music.

TheSeriouslySurprisingStoryPostCoverNow, we have another opportunity to reach even more children with the story of Jesus.

Our newest book in the series is going to be seriously surprising for kids! The Seriously Surprising Story draws children into the biblical story of Easter as they follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ followers on the road to Emmaus. There they encounter a stranger, and talk to him about the things that have happened in Jerusalem. Just as the disciples were surprised, so children will be too when they learn the stranger is Jesus himself!

“It’s a lovely little book. It’s warm, it’s happy, it’s the Good News! The Seriously Surprising Story is the account of Easter told backwards from Emmaus so that Jesus’ crucifixion is in the context of the resurrection. The positive message, with the rhythmic text and lively illustrations, make it a perfect book for young children. It’s also good news for the child in adults like me.” Joy Cowley, New Zealand children’s author

“The Seriously Surprising Story is a beautifully fresh way of sharing the Easter message. The narrative weaves together the big saving story of our God with the joy of a close friendship with Jesus and does so with light and beauty. The illustrations give children so much to explore and are a wonderful prompt for conversations together!” Bishop Eleanor Sanderson


This year, 85,000 more Kiwi kids can learn the story of Easter!

It’s only thanks to the generosity of our supporters that we have been able to bring The Well Good News of Christmas and The Super Cool Story of Jesus to New Zealand children. Now you have an opportunity to share the Bible story of Easter through The Seriously Surprising Story.

You can help bring this book to kids who don’t know about Jesus.

To do this we’ll again be working with our partner organisations and churches, and using social media to get this book into the hands of children who may have never heard the story of Jesus.

You can make a difference in the lives of the next generation of Kiwi kids. By making a gift, you’ll be giving children the chance to encounter the risen Jesus, through this colourful and fun little book.

Each gift of $8.50 will enable us to provide ten copies of The Seriously Surprising Story to partner organisations and churches for distribution. Thank you for prayerfully considering helping us to reach New Zealand children with The Seriously Surprising Story.

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