Bible Month 2020

Welcome to Bible Month 2020 – Engaging with the Bible together

July is always a special month on the calendar at Bible Society. That’s because we set aside the month to encourage Kiwi Christians and Church leaders to raise up what is at the heart of Christian life and service – the Bible!

Why? Because we believe that when people engage with the Bible, lives can change – for good.

That’s why our Bible Month theme this year is:

Engaging with the Bible together.

To provide the opportunity for your church to do this, we’ve developed a range of free resources based on the Gospel of Luke.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Once you’ve registered below, you’ll also unlock your invite link to a 90-day free trial on RightNow Media, as well as a range of other online resources aimed at helping your church and community engage together with the Bible.

Use the tabs below to find out more about the Gospel of Luke resources we’ve developed to equip and inspire your church to dig deeper into the Bible.

Audio Gospel
Study Guide
Sermon Notes
Audio Gospel

Kiwi Audio Bible


Taken from our bestselling Kiwi audio Bible, the Gospel of Luke (NLT) will allow you and your church to engage with the life of Jesus in its original oral format. 


It will be available for download as an MP3, so you'll be able to listen to it from your computer or smartphone. You'll also be free to share this audio Gospel with your church to download too!

Press play below to hear a small section (Luke 6:37-38) from the full Gospel.


Study Guide



 This 8-week study guide is the perfect accompaniment to the full audio Gospel.


With guided meditations, chapter summaries and group discussion topics, it's been designed to assist you in facilitating your church members to dive deeper into the life and message of Jesus.


It will be available for you and your church to download in PDF format.

Sermon Notes

Get your Bible Month sermon notes and explore Jesus’ relationship to Scripture in the Gospel of Luke with your church group.


Luke’s story of the life of Jesus shows how Jesus engaged with his own Scripture, which we call the Old Testament, in very specific ways. But it also helps us to link our own story into this and to claim the Scripture for ourselves.  These Sermon Notes will help unpack some of these ways.  You can use this as an entire sermon (it takes about 12 minutes), or as the core of a more developed message, or just mine it for ideas for your own sermon.



This PowerPoint Quiz has a particular focus on Christ’s birth and stories of His ministry on earth - a ministry that we are all called to continue to this day. Use this quiz as a fun activity and as a way to encourage others to use the Gospel of Luke study guide.

Get access to the world’s largest library of Bible study video resources

When you join Bible Month, you will also get the opportunity to sign up for a 90-day free trial on RightNow MEDIA, which is like the ‘Netflix of Video Bible Studies.’

This online streaming service contains a comprehensive collection of faith-based video content, which includes biblical video series taught by pastors and Christian leaders like Francis Chan, Dr. Tony Evans, Jennie Allen, Matt Chandler, and more.

Enjoy Bible Society’s Bible Month channel on RightNow MEDIA too!

This channel contains carefully selected content (click the tabs to watch the trailers) to help you lead your church more effectively, improve your sermons, run Bible study groups more skillfully, and dig deeper into the Bible and the Gospel of Luke.

Trailers from RightNow MEDIA series you’ll have access to:

Preparing Expository Sermons

6 Tips For A Great Small Group

Bible Unearthed

Sticky Teams

Register for Bible Month today and unlock your RightNow MEDIA invite link to start your free trial.

Inspirational videos to download and play at your church

Once you’ve registered, you’ll get all the download links for our ‘Words of Life’ video series below, which tell the stories of everyday Kiwis for whom the Bible has had a life-changing impact. We have also included NGĀ TĪMATANGA/BEGINNINGS, which documents the early story of the Bible in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Words of power - Dave's story

Words of power - Ate's story

Words of peace - Dinn's story

Words of transformation - Duwain's story

Words of protection - Mark's story

Words of hope - Chris' story

Words of inspiration - Lyall's story

Words of truth - Jeannie's story

Words of comfort - Emma's story


Other free online resources you’ll have access to:

Bible 2020 app
This smartphone app delivers a Scripture reading each day of the year in 2020! It app also allows you to create your own private group for your church, so members can record and share themselves reading the verse of the day.

LYFE- Free online Bible resource 
LYFE will help you lead your church members to discover a deeper relationship with God. Based around six key spiritual formation themes including prayer, social justice and the Bible, the sessions are easy to lead and highly relational.

Te Paipera Tapu (the Holy Bible in Māori) App
The free app features the very latest edition of Te Paipera Tapu (not available on any other app or website) which was reformatted to include macrons in 2012. 

We look forward to celebrating Bible Month with you this year.

Register below to access your free Bible Month resources: