Bible Month

According to 2017 Bible reading research, 37% of Christians in New Zealand over 13 read the Bible at least weekly.*

We want to see all Christians regularly engaging with the Bible. That’s what New Zealand Bible Month is all about.

We’re producing a range of resources to help you encourage Bible reading in your church.  Plus, during Bible Month 2017 we’ll release the latest New Zealand Bible reading research that will paint a picture of just how important the Bible is to all New Zealanders.

Mark July in your 2017 calendar as New Zealand Bible Month.  All your Bible Month resources will be available on this website from June 10, and packs will be mailed to your church in early June.

If you’ve got questions about how your church can be involved, we’d love to chat with you.  Call us on 0800 424 253 to speak to one of our team.

*Research undertaken for Bible Society by Nielsen.

Coming soon

To help you in reading the Bible, we’ve created the Good for Life campaign. Good for Life is all about equipping Christians with the tools they need to ensure the Bible remains an important part of their faith. The Good for Life campaign will kick off in June.

Upcoming resources for Bible Month 2017

2017 New Zealand Bible Reading Research

This random sample of the population will tell us the percentage of New Zealanders that own a Bible, and how often it is read.  We’ll also find out how often Christians read the Bible and whether or not it influences their everyday life.

Six Month Bible Challenge

We’re producing a reading plan to help guide people in reading through the whole New Testament in six months.  You can use the reading plan individually, in small groups or as a whole church. This resource will be available in June.

Inspiring Bible videos

We’ve also created a series of inspiring videos to encourage your church to read the Bible.  The Bible is foundational to the Christian faith and needs to be a core part of the Christian journey.  These videos feature real-life stories of how the Bible impacts us.

Bible Month packs will be sent to churches in early June 2017.  If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone about celebrating Bible Month in your church, give us a call on
0800 424 253 or email